A Brief History of Gateway Philadelphia

Back before 1992, InterVarsity staff in the Philadelphia area had a vision to help students intern at ministries and organizations over the summer where they could use their educational gifts and skills in serving the poor in Philadelphia. Out of this vision, Gateway Philadelphia was birthed during the summer of 1992 with 5 students from the Philadelphia area under the direction of Drexel’s InterVarsity staff worker, Barbara Weidman.

Now over 20 years later, with the exception of a couple summers off, Gateway has run consistently each summer since 1992. Since then, over 200 students have interned at a number of different locations throughout the city. Gateway Philadelphia has always maintained a close relationship with Esperanza Health Center and Spirit and Truth Fellowship both now in Hunting Park neighborhood of North Philadelphia.

Esperanza Health Center has taken numerous amounts of Gateway students for their summer internships and are currently employing several Gateway alumni as they have graduated and joined the ministry at Esperanza full time.

To this day there are many Gateway alumni who continue to live and serve in Hunting Park as well as multiple alumni who are serving at various locations in and around Philadelphia and in other states and countries.

Learn more about the history of Urban Programs with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: http://up.intervarsity.org/about/history.