Values and Goals

We long to see lives transformed while learning to live the gospel in the city.

At Gateway Philadelphia we have 5 main values:

  • Committed Community
  • Identity in Christ
  • Discipleship
  • Spiritual Formation
  • The Gospel of Reconciliation

It’s because of these 5 values that we want:

1. To experience and model committed community that is practical, deep, and diverse and reproducible. 

  • Common occurrences of conflict followed by reconciliation encouragement and coaching in a grace filled space.
  • Combination of individual character growth and mission in context of community living within the North Philly community.
  • Empowerment by community and with community towards loving neighbors well.
  • Challenging individualistic mission and communal mission.

2. To grow in our identity in Christ by pursuing issues of race, ethnicity, gender, and class.

  • We will engage in deep and regular scripture study; both personal study and group study.
  • Growing in self awareness (how God created you, family, gender, ethnicity) by living in a grace filled and diverse community.
  • Healing of thoughts or previous pains brought up by the working of Jesus in community and scripture.
  • Becoming aware and personally facing ones own sin as one chooses to engage in the different topics of the week.
  • Growing in an awareness of goodness of God and his grace in the everyday.

3. To form a deeper understanding of discipleship.

  • Giving ourselves to where we are and noticing God at work.
  • Pressing past our fears to take risks towards loving others and meeting Jesus along the way.
  • Character development through self-awareness, feedback, and staff coaching.

4. To experience and practice spiritual formation.

  • Practicing and implementing different spiritual formation practices in our lives.
  • Growing and expanding our small picture of God and being drawn closer to him.
  • Encouraged spiritual disciplines will be sabbath, silence, worship, celebration, study and more.

5. To see the gospel expanded to the restoration of all things including individual lives and whole communities.

  • Teaching and seeing how Jesus is good news in the city.
  • Awareness that individuals need Jesus as well as systems and structures.
  • Jesus is the one who can renew and give us hope.