The great city of brotherly love and sisterly affection, Philadelphia, PA! This is a city of significant history and known for many of the firsts in the country: first public library, and fire department, first zoo, bank, capital and so much more.

The summer program will be in the neighborhoods of North Central Philly and Hunting Park. We will be living and neighboring in North Central Philly and most of the internship sites are in the Hunting Park neighborhood.

The North Philly section of Philadelphia was once an industrial capital in the world, but after WWII industry needs shifted, globalization hit, and companies as well as people with monty moved out of N. Philly. What remained was joblessness leading to much despair.

But in the midst of that despair there were those who held on to hope in the gospel and have continued to seek shalom for the ever shifting city. Being a part of Gateway you will witness and experience all levels of this hope and despair in the city.

See Housing Travel & Safety for more on this.